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If you want to participate in the program you only need:

  • to be able to visit a public lake once every three weeks between April and September
  • to have one to two hours available during your visit to collect and process your lake sample
  • to have access to a boat and appropriate boat safety equipment
  • to attend a training session at your lake with LMVP personnel. All sampling and processing equipment will be provided to you at the training
  • Contact us and let us know you want to start
If you are interested in monitoring the water quality of YOUR Missouri lake, let us know!

To the left is a map showing the locations of all lakes currently being sampled by LMVP volunteers..

You can get lake names and data from the 1999 through 2008 sampling seasons by checking out the LMVP Lakes page.


Is your lake on the map?

If you think your lake needs to be on this map, contact us.

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