East Locust Creek Reservoir
A New Reservoir is Coming to North Central Missouri

The East Locust Creek Reservoir is slated to be completed and operational in 2019. This proposed Sullivan County reservoir will have a total surface area of 2,352 acres, making it about the same size as Long Branch Reservoir. The dam will be 79 feet high, and maximum depth will be 60 feet. (see map below)

In 2001 the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission was formed with the goal of providing "an abundant source of low-cost, pure, quality water for the residents of North Central Missouri." Planning for the new reservoir began the next year. With the East Locust Creek Reservoir, the commission plans to produce 7 million gallons per day and serve 54,000 customers in a 10-county area. The lake is projected to meet the water needs of the area for the next 42 years. Total cost will be about $69 million, including the cost of land acquisition.

The roughly 34 square mile watershed will be comprised of mostly pasture land (66%). Only 2% of the proposed watershed is currently in row crop, and 20% is presently forested. These numbers are promising and indicate that the reservoir should have low concentrations of nutrients and algae relative to other lakes in the region.

By applying a predictive formula* for Missouri's plains region reservoirs based on flushing index, percent crop cover, and mean lake depth, East Locust Creek Reservoir will have between 16 and 26 ug/L of phosphorus soon after it fills. These phosphorus concentrations are similar to those found in Forest Lake near Kirksville. According to other studies in Missouri, that range of phosphorus concentrations should result in water clarity of roughly 50 inches.

(* from Jones, Knowlton and Obrecht. 2008, available online at: http://lmvp.org/documents.htm)

East Locust Creek Statistics

  • Projected Completion: 2019
  • Area: 2,352 acres
  • Depth: 60 feet at dam
  • Dam Height: 79 feet
  • Watershed Size: 34 square miles
  • Water Production: 7 million gallons/day
  • Customers Served: 54,000
Secchi vs Phosphorus
Above: Water clarity versus phosphorus in Missouri reservoirs. With a predicted phosphorus concentration between 16 and 26 ug/L, average water clarity could be between 30 and 110 inches.


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