2012 LMVP Data Report
A New Format

The 2012 LMVP Data Report is complete and now available as a download on the LMVP website (LMVP.org). This year's report is different from those of previous years. Given the high cost of producing, printing and mailing the larger format, we decided to scale back the printed report to a statewide summary. All 2012 data and graphs from each public lake site are available on the LMVP website.

The 2012 report is a 24-page booklet that summarizes Missouri lake water quality at the statewide scale. The full-color report features sections covering water clarity, chlorophyll, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and suspended sediment. Included with each section is a graph featuring average values found near the dam of each public lake monitored in 2012 (see example graph on this page). Seasonal and long-term trend graphs for each public lake site are still available, but as a download at the LMVP website. The 2012 report also features sections that describe seasonal variation and interannual (year-to-year) variation using LMVP data and graphs as examples.

You can download the report from this website or a hard copy can be requested by email at info@lmvp.org or by calling 1-800-895-2260. Please include your mailing address. Feel free to voice your opinions about the new format directly to Tony (tony@LMVP.org). Volunteers will have another chance to formally contribute their opinions in the upcoming volunteer survey.

2012 Report Cover


The graph to the right shows 2012 LMVP chlorophyll values from sites nearest the dam of public lakes. The red vertical line shows the seasonal average of all sites monitored in 2012.

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