Volunteers get good grades!


Volunteers for the LMVP measure chlorophyll by drawing water through 2 glass fiber filters that are later analyzed at the University of Missouri. Not only does having 2 values allow us greater insurance against laboratory error, it also allows us to examine how readily the samples replicate.

Filter comparison graph

By comparing the values obtained from each filter, we issue ‘grade cards’ to our volunteers. This year, 91% of the filter pairs examined were either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, meaning the differed by less than 10%. Only 6% were ‘Fair’, differing by 10 to 15%, and only 4% were ‘Poor’, differing by more than 15%.

2008 Data Report now available

The 2008 LMVP Data Report is available for download. Download link here. Additionally, you may request a print copy by contacting us.

The 2008 report features water quality monitoring data from 87 sites on 34 public lakes. A highlight of the 2008 data is the near-record amount of rainfall across much of the state. Lake levels at many of the state’s larger reservoirs approached record flood stages. Mark Twain Lake was even closed for several days as the lake rose to its highest level since the dam was built.

Data Report cover


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