Help Stop Hydrilla
America's most invasive aquatic plant

Hydrilla is an invasive plant that has made its way into Missouri. The Missouri Department of Conservation wants your help locating this hydrilla so they can eradicate it before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Hydrilla was introduced to the United states in the early 1950’s, likely via the aquarium trade. It is now on the Federal Noxious Weed List. Given enough time, a hydrilla infestation can mean the end of boating, swimming, and fishing on a particular pond, lake or stream. Drinking water suppliers and hydropower facilities have a particularly keen interest in keeping hydrilla at bay, as treatment and removal of hydrilla will increase consumer costs for services.

Hydrilla is extremely aggressive and can spread in many ways. Plant fragments introduced to a waterbody via boat, fishing gear or even wildlife may grow and spread. The root tubers can be moved by people or birds to new waterbodies.  Intentional movement of plants or animals and aquarium dumping are other was for hydrilla to spread.

If you see hydrilla, contact the Missouri Department of Conservation at or contact us at the LMVP and we’ll make sure the correct person is notified. 


Identifying Hydrilla



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