Volunteer Precision at All-Time High

LMVP volunteers prepare two chlorophyll filters for each sample. The value we report is the average of those two filters. Every season, to assess volunteer precision and provide feedback to volunteers, we compare the two paired chlorophyll filters.

In theory, perfect technique should result in identical readings for each of the filters in a pair. In reality, it is nearly impossible to get the same number of microscopic algae on each filter, so some variation between filters is acceptable.

Our most recent analysis shows that 97% of the 2014 filter pairs varied by 10% or less (Excellent or Good in the chart below). This level of volunteer precision is the highest observed in the history of the Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program! Typically, around 90% of the filter pairs vary by 10% or less.

Great job, volunteers!

2014 Chlorophyll Filter Pair Comparison Results

(Differ by 0-5%)
(Differ by 6-10%)
(Differ by 11-15%)
(Differ by >15%)

Number of Filter Pairs
(Percentage of total)

723 Pairs

65 Pairs
19 Pairs

6 Pairs


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