The Water Line, Newsletter of the LMVP

Volume 17
Number 1

Missouri Fish Kills   A summary of the fish kill investigation process and results of the Missouri Department of Conservation's report covering the years 2012-2013.
2013 LMVP Data Report   The 2013 LMVP Data Report is online. This year's report features data from 106 sites on 41 public lakes.
Lake Foam   Foam forms on water when bond between molecules at the water's surface is reduced.
East Locust Creek Reservoir   There's a new reservoir coming to North-Central MO
Measuring Algal Toxins in Missouri   In 2015, citizen scientists with the LMVP will begin monitoring one algal toxin, microcystin, in Missouri lakes

Brought to you by the Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program

Region V11, US Environmental Protection Agency, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act  
University of Missouri