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LMVP Data Cited in Scientific Journal Article

In a recent article about plankton in Bull Shoals Lake, authors John Havel and Kristen Pattinson cite LMVP data from 1998. This is significant for a couple of reasons. First, it shows that people are using the data you collect. Second, it shows that the data you collect are well regarded.

The article is titled “Spatial Distribution and Seasonal Dynamics of Plankton in a Terminal Multiple-Series Reservoir” and appears in the March 2004 volume of Lake and Reservoir Management. The article deals with patterns of algae and zooplankton in Bull Shoals Lake and cites data collected at LMVP sites 1 and 2.
At a recent water monitoring conference in Chattanooga, several volunteer monitoring coordinators were lamenting that their data were not being used or that they were struggling with having their data regarded as “legitimate”. One scientist addressed this concern by saying that “the only way to legitimize volunteer data to the scientific community is to publish in a peer-reviewed, scientific journal”. We published an article in 1998 comparing LMVP data to professionally collected data and it showed that the two are quite similar. Perhaps that is why in the Havel and Pattinson article there is no caveat attached to the reference saying “this is only volunteer data”. In fact, the authors treat the volunteer data no differently than they do the “professional” data.


Lake Chesterfield is GONE!

According to an AP story, Lake Chesterfield in suburban St. Louis disappeared down a sinkhole. Apparently the sinkhole opened up under the lake and drained all of its 23 acres in just a few days. The lake was built in the 1980s and has about 60 homes along its shoreline, just a fraction of the 670 residences in the subdivision. Since the lake is private property, residents will have to pay the bill to fix it.

New Lakes and Sites for 2004

Here is a list of the public lake sites starting sampling in 2004

  • Lake Mahoney in Unionville is back
  • We have 3 new sites at Lake of the Ozarks
  • A brand new lake in Jennings, near St. Louis
  • Maysville City Lake
  • Lake Lincoln in the Cuivre River State Park
  • Simpson Lake, near St. Louis
  • A city park lake in Eureka
  • Spring Fork Lake in Sedalia
  • 2 new sites on Long Branch
  • 3 more sites on Smithville
  • 3 sites in Flat Creek to check out some issues affecting Table Rock Lake
  • 1 new site on Binder Lake
  • Tri City Lake in northern Boone County
The map to the left shows the LMVP lakes involved in 2004. Stars represent new lakes or lakes with new sites

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