The Water Line, Newsletter of the LMVP

Spring 2002
Volume 6
Number 2

The Dead Zone: Hypoxia in the Gulf   Over 8,000 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico is devoid of oxygen. We have to look at the watershed of the entire Mississippi River for solutions.
Florida's Black Water   There have been reports of black, viscous water in the ocean off the coast of Florida.
Life on the Bottom   Some lifeforms don't depend on the sun for their energy. A mile under the sea, bacteria, not plants, provide the food.
Thermal Stratification   Here's the lowdown on what "turnover" is and why water freezes at the top first.

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Region V11, US Environmental Protection Agency, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act  
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