The Water Line, Newsletter of the LMVP

Volume 11
Number 1

VHS - Deadly Fish Virus   So far VHS related fish kills have been limited to the Great Lakes and the Upper Midwest. That's same region zebra mussels first hit North America.
2006 LMVP Data Report   This report summarizes data collected by volunteers in 2006 on LMVP lakes. This report summarizes lake water quality, compares water quality among lakes and has a short primer on lake water quality.
Efficient Algae in 2006   While phosphorus concentrations statewide were generally lower than the long-term average, many lakes had chlorophyll concentrations that were higher than the average.

Brought to you by the Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program

Region V11, US Environmental Protection Agency, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act  
University of Missouri