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Lake Taneycomo

Lake Taneycomo is a 22 mile long, 2080 acre lake in the White River Basin. It is located between Table Rock Lake and Bull Shoals Lake. While the majority of Lake Taneycomo’s watershed is forested, the lake is influenced by the location of Branson and other nearby developed areas. The majority of water flowing through Lake Taneycomo originates from the deep waters of Table Rock Lake. This water source plays a large role in determining the overall water quality of Lake Taneycomo. Another major influence on water quality in Lake Taneycomo is the residence time (for more information on residence time) of the water in the lake, which can be very short (Knowlton and Jones 1990). Lake Taneycomo from above
Data Available for Lake Taneycomo:
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Volunteers needed to sample Lake Taneycomo at Powersite Dam

LMVP Sample Sites

Lake sites indicated by red dots currently have volunteers. Sites with grey dots do not.
We need volunteers to sample several sites on Lake Taneycomo
If you want to get involved, contact us!
Other information:
USGS Real-time data for Lake Taneycomo
TMDL information sheet for Lake Taneycomo
Paper: Occurrence and Prediction of Algal Blooms in Lake Taneycomo (pdf ~1.5MB)

Picture Postcard of Lake Taneycomo (postmarked 1959)
It certainly looks different now!


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